About HeatStress.com

Kestrel Instruments and KSI are working together to promote the prevention of sudden death in sports and the workplace via health and safety initiatives. As key partners for the past decade, we are committed to ensuring that people know the environmental conditions that impact their health, safety, and bottom line.

Kestrel Instruments

Athletic trainers and professionals use Kestrel WBGT meters and heat stress trackers to monitor the health and safety of the athletes under their direction. Further, athletic trainers can set the device to store data at specific time intervals and then send the information to their smartphones—making it easier to document, store, and share readings. Users can access pre-programmed zones for NATA, ASCM several state athletics guidelines, TB MED 507, and ACGIH in the Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress Tracker unit.

Nielsen-Kellerman (NK) is the parent company for a family of measuring and monitoring technology brands focused on providing the accurate performance and weather data needed for safety, business success, and research as well as athletic and recreational activities. NK specializes in building products that perform in the most challenging outdoor environments from the water to the desert. Kestrel Instruments is part of NK's ever-growing weather division, encompassing  Kestrel® Weather and Environmental Meters, KestrelMet® Weather Stations, Rainwise Rain Gauges, Ambient Weather® Stations and internet dashboards, and PVMet Solar Monitoring Systems. NK makes the majority of its products in the USA and is proud to be both a recognized leader in Lean Manufacturing and an award-winning top workplace.

Heat Safety Initiatives

The Heat Safety & PerformanceCoalition

The Heat Safety & PerformanceCoalition (HSPC) is run by passionate industry leaders, subject matter experts, and researchers whose sole purpose is to eliminate heat-related injuries and illnesses in the workplace. The HSPC provides heat-safety research, education, and awareness and was created to help organizations develop and implement heat safety solutions to keep workers safe. We believe, and science proves, that implementing heat-safety standards not only protects workers but drives efficiency and productivity in the workplace.


Increasing access to athletic Training services in secondary schools.

Team Up for Sports Safety (TUFFS)

The TUFSS project is able to support athletic safety initiatives in secondary school athletics across all 50 states and the District of Columbia with substantial financial support from the NFL Foundation, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA), and several private donors. The TUFSS initiative builds on research published by KSI in 2017, which examined existing state mandates to assess their inclusion of best-practice policies to mitigate catastrophic injuries and illnesses in sports. In the initial 2017 review, KSI found that most states did not include the most widely accepted standards that are shown to reduce the risk of death from sudden cardiac arrest, traumatic head injuries, exertional heat strokes, and exertional collapse associated with sickling, conditions that comprise 90% of all sports.