Heat Stress Prevention

Monitoring the environmental conditions is crucial for ensuring the safety of athletes, soldiers, and workers. The recommended measurement to determine actual environmental heat stress risk is Wet Bulb Globe Temperature or WBGT. With accurate WBGT monitoring tools, you can get real-time data to make informed safety decisions that save lives and reduce injury.


Preventing exertional heat stress in athletics has become an important responsibility of many athletic trainers, coaches and other sports-related healthcare providers. During every athletic endeavor, from little league to professional sports, lives depend on accurate measurement of environmental conditions.

  • Properly acclimatize individuals based on on-site data, and protect those individuals from the chance of exertional heat stress and adverse medical conditions.
  • Provide documentation of conditions by logging information throughout several practices, games, and events.
  • Ensure compliance with your state's heat stress guidelines.


Extreme conditions can cause lost productivity, costly sick time, regulatory violations and legal liability. Ensure OSHA compliance and protect your valuable employees by monitoring environmental conditions with the Kestrel Heat Stress Trackers.

  • Identify equipment and machinery that creates localized hot spots.
  • Conduct hazard analysis and determine critical control points.
  • Know when to trigger heat protection measures to prevent heat illness.
  • Upload and retain data to keep OSHA records & documentation to protect your company.


Employed by combat weather personnel, snipers and drop zone safety officers for more than a decade, Kestrel heat stress trackers can be found anywhere that environmental conditions impact operational effectiveness. Properly acclimatize soldiers to ensure maximize performance.

  • Ensure compliance with command guidelines by setting work/rest intervals, water consumption requirements and exposure limits at specified WBGT levels.
  • Prevent heat illness that threatens military personnel and operational success.

Heat Stress Monitoring

Monitoring the environment is a proven method for preventing and mitigating heat-related illness.

Kestrel® Heat Stress Trackers help athletic trainers and safety professionals identify and prevent heat-related incidents. These life-saving devices monitor and measure the conditions that contribute to heat stress in athletic, military training, and industrial environments – indoor and outdoor. The Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress Tracker uses the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) index, which takes into account factors such as temperature, humidity, wind, sun angle, and cloud cover (solar radiation) to provide a comprehensive measure of heat stress risk. The data collected by these trackers can be easily logged and analyzed to help ensure safety and compliance with industry standards.

Kestrel Instruments has monitoring solutions for both indoor and outdoor environments. To learn more about Heat Stress Monitoring solutions, please visit KestrelInstruments.com.